Please help support Mustangs, Horses and all Animals in need.  There are many worthy organizations out there helping animals in need...Please donate!  Just a few of my favorites are listed below.



3rd Coast Sanctuary

At 3rd Coast Sanctuary we help promote the fight against the extinction of our iconic American Mustangs, along with with the need to save horses from abuse, slaughter and inhumane conditions. We not only “save a horse” we save any animal that we possibly can. 3rd Coast Sanctuary is pending our 501C3 non-profit organization approval (EIN# 85-2088371) and when that happens, all donations will be tax deductible. All donations are used to provide a safe environment for our rescues. to donate:

Skydog Sanctuary

SKYDOG RANCH is a forever home for wild mustangs and burros who have ended up in horrible and dangerous situations - at kill pens, at auctions, in unloving homes where they have often been starved and neglected.  We are also home to several wild horses families we have reunited after being separated during roundups. The horses here represent so many different aspects of the mustang issue, once rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management many of whom slip through the cracks and end up without the most basic care and affection.

All the wild horses and burros here are treated with the utmost kindness and respect and we leave in peace the ones who want to be left alone and give others the love and compassion that they have not experienced from people before.  

Wild Horse Sanctuary

The Wild Horse Sanctuary aims to grow the land available to wild mustangs through purchases of leased land. The Wild Horse Sanctuary sits on 5,000 acres in the beautiful California hills. To supplement funding for the sanctuary, four to six day cattle drives are offered as well as the sale of wild mustangs.  The goal of “protecting and preserving Americas wild horses as a living nation treasure” ( is slowly being realized one free to run mustang at a time.



Since 1997, Life Savers mustang rescue has operated under the mission of  “Sanctuary, Humanity and Adoption”. Life Savers provides a permanent home to many mustangs who; due to illness or circumstance cannot be adopted, while other mustangs are gentled and found loving homes.  Life Savers relies on the funding of charity and the generosity of volunteers to continue providing Sanctuary for wild mustangs from all over the United States.


Eastwood Ranch Foundation

Eastwood Ranch Foundation provides support and financial assistance to animal sanctuaries, rescue groups and no-kill shelters responsible for the lifetime or temporary care of animals who need homes. Our goal is to help animal victims of abuse or neglect with a second chance at life through fundraising and education


Return to Freedom

Return to Freedom Horse Sanctuary is often a horse’s last hope. Return To Freedom recues horses for abuse, neglect and slaughter.  Once at Return to Freedom, horses are given the opportunity to socialize and form herds with other wild horses who have faced the same fate but found a loving and permanent home.